The Pagos Data Ingestion Services

Welcome to the Pagos Data ingestion guide. While you can leverage our no-code data connections to bring data into the Pagos ecosystem, we also provide a set of Data Ingestion services to allow you to bring in any payment data from any data source. To support any use case, our platform provides two methods for data ingestion, catering to different data flow needs:

  • The API method for real-time or streaming data
  • The secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) file batch method for bulk uploads of historical data

Understanding Data Ingestion Methods

API Method

The Pagos Data Ingestion API is ideal for both streaming data or real-time data flows. In other words, if your data source generates data continuously or in real-time, this may be the best option for you. This is particularly useful for sending individual transactions as they happen similar to how a webhook might operate.

The primary advantage of utilizing this method is that it enables immediate processing, meaning you can view events in Peacock and Canary quicker. We prioritize the processing of real-time events to minimize any delays. It should also be noted that the API method is easy to integrate into existing flows and will not add significant overhead.

SFTP Batch Method

The SFTP Batch Data Ingestion method is suited for bulk data ingest operations. If you have large volumes of historical data that don't require immediate processing or your processor provides all your data once a day, you may want to use the SFTP method. This method is most efficient for handling large datasets at once, reducing the processing load.