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Account updater services


Card brands like Visa and MasterCard provide issuing banks with secure communication networks to assist them in distributing updated card information to merchants or payment service providers (PSPs) who vault card credentials. By leveraging these networks, your business can decrease customer checkout friction and churn, and increase overall transaction approval rates by keeping customer card information updated in real time. For more information about the general benefits of account updater solutions like Loon, see our Account Updater guide.

With Loon by Pagos, you can access the account updater tools from all the major card brands (Visa, Amex, Discover, and Mastercard) as an additional service on top of your existing payments setup and vaulting strategy. Use the Loon API to securely send us card details from your vault using individual API calls, batch calls, or batch file uploads, and receive updated account information from the card brands in return. Whether you use one or multiple payment processors, Loon can help you gain control over your valued card credentials and provide your customers with a better—and consistent—checkout experience!

Use Cases

Loon can be used for the following types of account changes:

  • New Card - New card credentials issued due to lost or stolen cards, fraud, product upgrades, brand flips, or portfolio flips
  • Expiry - Receipt of a card’s new expiration date
  • Closure - A message indicating that merchant, acquirer, or PSP should contact the cardholder for new payment credentials after the cardholder’s account has been closed

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Once onboarded, you'll have access to our Loon Sandbox environment for testing. Learn more in our Loon API Reference documentation.

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