Connecting Your Payment Processors to Pagos

Pagos consolidates and ingests commerce and payments data from your current payment stack and partners through a simple setup and no code. Once the data’s ingested, our platform aggregates, harmonizes, and displays it in user-friendly service panels, unique to each Pagos product. In other words, you connect your data one time, and we'll use that data to power each Pagos bird you subscribe to.

Explore our connection guides to learn how to connect your Pagos account to your payment processor providers:

If you process payments through one of the following processors, contact your Pagos account team for assistance importing your data into Pagos:

  • AuthNet
  • eBanx
  • PPro
  • BAMS

If your processor isn't listed above, contact us for an estimate of when we may have a no-code connection available for you. Otherwise, take full control over the data you send by using our Data Ingestion Services!