Getting Started with Pagos

Pagos is a global platform of API-driven microservices that sit on top of your existing payments stack and provide the data, insights, and tools you need to scale your business efficiently. Regardless of how many payment processors you use, your transaction volume, or your long-term business goals, our services can help you:

  • Identify opportunities to optimize your payments setup
  • Stay on top of changes to your transaction volume or customer base
  • Integrate with new payments technology

Our Products

The Pagos suite of products—or flock of birds, if you will—is a set of unique services, designed to function independently of one another. You can subscribe to an individual service or in any combination that makes sense for your business.

At this time, Pagos offers the following services:

  • Parrot – Parrot is an API-driven microservice from which you can request BIN data for the payment cards your customers transact with.
  • Peacock – As our data aggregation and visualization platform, Peacock gives you access to self-service business intelligence for tracking the health of your payments ecosystem. You provide the data, and we'll take care of normalizing and organizing those metrics into customized reports and dashboards that fit your unique business needs.
  • Canary – Canary is a data anomaly detection service, designed to consolidate payments data from multiple platforms into a single place and alert you when key metrics change in unexpected ways.
  • Toucan – Seamlessly execute a network tokenization strategy without changing anything about your current payment stack by integrating with Toucan.
  • Loon – With Loon, you can use Account Updater as an additional service on top of your existing payments setup and vaulting strategy. Through a single connection, you can securely send us card details from your vault and receive updated account information from Visa and Mastercard in return.

Your Pagos Account

From your Pagos account, you can navigate between service panels for the individual birds you've subscribed to. Explore our product-specific guides for information about each service panel:

You can also manage your account details, data souces, billing information, and more from your Pagos account. Learn more in our Managing Your Pagos Account Settings guide.

The Payments Ecosystem

If you're new to payments, check out our Payments Ecosystem guides to learn about payment lifecycles, interchange fees, BIN data, and more. We recommend bookmarking our Industry Terms guide for quick access to user-friendly definitions of complex payments concepts and terminology.

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