Getting Started With Pagos

Pagos is a global platform of API-driven microservices that sits on top of your existing payments stack and provides the data, insights, and tools you need to scale your business efficiently.

Everything You Can Do With Pagos

The Pagos suite of products—or flock of birds, if you will— are designed to function independently of one another. You can subscribe to services on their own or in any combination that makes sense for your business.

Quickly Access BIN Data

Parrot is an API-driven microservice from which you can request BIN data for the payment cards your customers transact with. ​​With Parrot, you have immediate access to bank and market data for these cards, thus gaining valuable context on your customers and their preferred payment methods.

Visualize and Analyze Harmonized Payments Data

Peacock gives you access to self-service business intelligence for tracking the health of your payments ecosystem. You provide the data from each of your payment processors and we'll take care of harmonizing and organizing those metrics into dashboards of data visualizations that fit your unique business needs. With Peacock, you can break down all of your transactions, declines, chargebacks, orders, and more by an array of variables: from countries and currencies to card types and brands.

Have questions about the data you see in Peacock? Wondering what some of the metrics are or what a certain industry term means? Pagos Copilot can help! This OpenAI-powered chatbot can answer questions about the payments industry and Pagos products, and can even help you dig into trends in your own data.

Monitor Payments Data For Anomalies and Trends

Canary is a data anomaly detection service, designed to consolidate payments data from one or more platforms into a single place and alert you when key metrics change in unexpected ways. With Canary, you can detect issues or patterns, and predict opportunities to better serve your customers and increase your bottom line. Feel more secure in your payment processing with the knowledge that if anything changes drastically—whether it’s an outage, an issue with your setup, or a change in customer trends—you'll find out quickly.

Create and Manage Network Tokens

Toucan allows you to create and manage network tokens that can be used with any payment processor. Seamlessly execute a network tokenization strategy without changing anything about your current payment stack!

Keep Vaulted Payment Credentials Fresh

With Loon, you can improve approval rates and reduce checkout friction by always having your customers’ most current payment credentials on file. Without making any changes to your current payments setup and vaulting strategy, securely send us card details from your vault and receive updated account information from Visa and Mastercard in return—all through a single connection.

Compare Your Payments Data to Industry Benchmarks

With Flamingo, you can anonymously benchmark your payments performance against industry leaders and peers. Whether you're looking to identify areas for improvement, gain confidence in your own processing capabilities, or identify if a data fluctuation is consistent across your industry or only affecting you, Flamingo has you covered. Never again wonder if your payments metrics are measuring in an expected range for your business type or industry.

Export Aggregated & Harmonized Payments Data

Puffin provides businesses with a single data source for all their payments data, aggregated and harmonized across payment processors. Import all your payments data into Pagos using our no-code data connections or Data Ingest API and we’ll clean and aggregate it automatically. You can then download reports of your data to integrate into any custom workflows or systems you already use.

Your Pagos Account

From your Pagos account, you can navigate between service panels for the individual birds you've subscribed to. You can also manage your account details, data connections, billing information, and more. Learn more in our Managing Your Pagos Account Settings guide.

The Payments Ecosystem

If you're new to payments, check out our Payments Ecosystem guides. This content is broken up into three main sections:

  • Payment Basics - Become acquainted with some of the building blocks of payment processing, including the card payment lifecycle, chargebacks, interchange fees, and more. We recommend bookmarking our Industry Terms guide for quick access to user-friendly definitions of complex payments concepts and terminology.
  • Card Brand Services - Pagos can help you take action with various card brand services—but what exactly are those services and how can you use them to your advantage? Learn more!
  • Making the Most of Your Payments Data - Your payments analysis is only as good as your understanding of what's out there to analyze and why you might want to. This section details some of the data points and payments analytics concepts your business could benefit from exploring.

Stay Informed

Much like the payments industry in general, Pagos is always growing and improving. To stay up to date on our latest product updates and content publications, take a minute to:

  • Explore the Pagos Blog - Check out our blog posts for the latest news on our product features, card brand changes, and industry developments. We publish new blogs weekly, so check back regularly for updates or subscribe to the blog to receive an email each week with what's new!
  • Bookmark our Changelog - Whenever we make changes to our products or release new features, we announce them in a Changelog post. We recommend bookmarking this section of the Product Documentation in your browser to stay up to date on our latest releases.