Pagos Copilot


Beta Feature

Pagos Copilot is currently in a closed Beta. Reach out to your Pagos Account Manager to request access.

Pagos Copilot is our AI-powered chatbot, designed to streamline your payments analysis and assist you in navigating the complex world of payment processing. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive data intelligence, Pagos Copilot makes it possible to both understand and derive actionable insights from your payments data. Eliminate the need for extensive research and analysis by simply striking up a conversation with Pagos Copilot!

Using Pagos Copilot

To start a conversation with Pagos Copilot, click the Message Pagos Copilot field at the top of any page in your Peacock Service Panel. This will open a chat interface:

  • Click one of the conversation prompts to experiment with the types of questions you can ask Pagos Copilot
  • Click Message Pagos Copilot to enter in a custom query, then press enter
  • View your Chat History on the right side of your screen or click on a previous conversation to reopen the conversation and pick up where you left off; click Clear History to delete your chat history

Ways to Use Pagos Copilot

Pagos Copilot is your pocket payments expert. Below are examples of the types of questions Pagos Copilot is best suited to answer.

Payments Knowledge Questions

Pagos Copilot can answer your questions about how the payments industry works, how Pagos products function, and what best practices to employ. In this sense, it acts as a bespoke search engine for our comprehensive product documentation. Questions such as:

  • How is approval rate calculated?
  • What is the stored credential field?
  • What are interchange fees?
  • What is Pago’s Canary product?

Real-time Insights Into Your Own Data

If you’re not sure where to start in Peacock or you just have a quick question about your payments data, Pagos Copilot can help. Ask probing questions in real time like:

  • How many refunds did I have in Q1?
  • What was my approval rate last week?
  • How did my chargeback rate change over the last 30 days?

In-depth Analytics Via an Interactive Chat

Dive deep into your payments data using the intuitive Pagos Copilot chat interface. Ask for detailed summaries, graphs of your data over time, or measurements for specific data segments. You can even ask for detailed reports to impress management. Save time and increase productivity by asking for what you want instead of digging for it:

  • Show me the decline code breakdown for transactions processed through Adyen over the last 7 days
  • Map my daily approval rate for the month of April 2024
  • Show me my chargeback rate throughout Q1 for Visa transactions

How Pagos Copilot Works

When you submit a question to Pagos Copilot, we leverage a 3rd party-hosted AI model to evaluate and analyze your request—both to construct data queries based on your input and operate on the returned data. We restrict the data shared with the AI model, so it is sandboxed and not directly available to the Large Language Model (LLM). This provides a means to ensure that the queried data doesn’t include identifiable information.

Pagos Copilot uses your own data to prepare specific, numerical responses to questions about your payments performance. For open-ended questions about the payments industry, terminology, or related concepts, Pagos Copilot prioritizes using relevant Pagos product documentation, blogs, and curated, relevant industry materials to provide answers. We don’t allow Pagos Copilot to search the internet.