Connect to Amex

This guide outlines the necessary steps to connect your Pagos and Amex accounts for importing Amex cost data into Peacock and Canary. For more information on connecting Pagos to your payment processors, see our Connecting Your Payment Processors to Pagos guide.

After you successfully connect your accounts, we’ll import your cost data from Amex into Pagos once a day via your merchant FTP account, starting with the first day of the successful connection. We can also import historical cost data upon request; reach out to your Pagos account team for more information.



Amex Raw Data files for reconciliation purposes are only available to managed merchants. Contact your Amex relationship manager with questions about your access to these files.

Connecting Amex and Pagos

To send cost data from your Amex account to Pagos, you’ll work with your Amex relationship manager to set up an Amex Secure File Transfer (SFT) service. You can then provide us with the following details about your SFT account so we can import these reports into Pagos:

  • URL/host
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password

Once we establish the SFP location, send the GRRCN reports (Raw Data; Global Reconciliation reports) to that location on a daily basis. Make sure to include all available GRRCN reports.