Transaction Response Codes

Response Code (Integer)Short CodeDescription
00approvedApproved and completed successfully
01refer_to_issuerRefer to card issuer
02refer_to_issuer_1Refer to card issuer, special condition
03invalid_merchantInvalid merchant
04pick_up_cardPick up card (no fraud)
05do_not_honorDo not honor
07pick_up_card_fraudPick up card, special condition (fraud account)
10partial_approvalPartial approval
11approved_vipApproved (V.I.P)
12invalid_transactionInvalid transaction
13invalid_amount_or_currencyInvalid amount or currency conversion field overflow
14invalid_account_no_numberInvalid account number (no such number)
15no_such_issuerNo such issuer
19reenter_transactionRe-enter transaction
21no_action_takenNo action taken
25account_record_not_foundUnable to locate record in file
28account_not_availableFile temporarily not available for update or inquiry
31bank_not_supported_by_switchBank not supported by switch
39no_credit_accountNo credit account
41lost_card_fraudLost card, pick up (fraud account)
43stolen_card_fraudStolen card, pick up (fraud account)
51not_sufficient_fundsNot sufficient funds
52no_checking_accountNo checking account
53no_savings_accountNo savings account
54expired_cardExpired card or expiration date is missing
55incorrect_or_missing_pinIncorrect PIN or PIN missing
56incorrect_or_missing_pin_cardpresentIncorrect PIN or PIN missing (card present)
57transaction_not_allowedTransaction not allowed to cardholder
58transaction_not_allowed_at_terminalTransaction not allowed at terminal
59suspected_fraudSuspected fraud
61exceeds_approval_amount_limitExceeds approval amount limit
62restricted_account_geoRestricted account (account invalid in this region or country)
63security_violationSecurity violation (source is not correct issuer)
64aml_violationTransaction does not fulfill AML requirement
65withdrawals_frequency_exceededExceeds withdrawal frequency limit
70pin_data_requiredPIN data required
74pin_encryption_errorDifferent value than that used for PIN encryption errors
75pin_entry_attempts_exceededAllowable number of PIN entry tries exceeded
76unsolicited_reversalUnsolicited reversal
78card_not_active_firstuseBlocked, first use (transaction from new cardholder, and card not properly unblocked)
79already_reversedAlready reversed (by Switch)
80no_financial_impactNo financial impact
81cryptographic_error_in_pinCryptographic error found in PIN
82decline_cvv_negativeNegative CAM, dCVV, iCVV, or CVV results
85verification_or_return_approvedNo reason to decline a request for address verification, CVV2 verification, or a credit voucher or merchandise return
86cannot_verify_pinCannot verify PIN (for example, no PVV)
89ineligible_for_financial_position_informationIneligible to receive financial position information (GIV)
91issuer_inoperative_no_stipIssuer or switch inoperative and STIP not applicable or not available for this transaction; time-out when no stand-in; POS Check Service: Destination unavailable; Credit Voucher and Merchandise Return Authorizations: V.I.P. sent the transaction to the issuer, but the issuer was unavailable.
92routing_network_errorFinancial institution or intermediate network facility cannot be found for routing (receiving institution ID is invalid)
93legal_violationTransaction cannot be completed; violation of law
100customer_authentication_requiredAdditional customer authentication required
101surcharge_not_permittedSurcharge amount not permitted on Visa cards or EBT food stamps (U.S. acquirers only)
102surcharge_not_supported_by_issuerSurcharge amount not supported by debit network issuer
103stip_forcedForce STIP
104cash_service_not_availableCash service not available
105cash_request_exceeded_limitCash request exceeds issuer or approved limit
106ineligible_for_resubmissionIneligible for resubmission
107declined_cvv2_failureDecline for CVV2 failure
108decline_amount_exceeds_preauthorizationTransaction amount exceeds preauthorized approval amount
109decline_pin_unblock_deniedDenied PIN unblock; PIN change or unblock request declined by issuer
110decline_pin_change_deniedDenied PIN change; requested PIN unsafe
111decline_account_authentication_failedAccount authentication failed
112decline_stop_current_recurringStop payment order
113not_qualified_for_pinTransaction does not qualify for Visa PIN
114decline_stop_all_recurringRevocation of all authorizations order
115decline_offlineUnable to go online; offline-declined
116decline_duplicateProcessor, duplicate transaction
117decline_invalid_expiry_monthInvalid expiry, incorrect month
118decline_invalid_expiry_yearInvalid expiry, incorrect year
119decline_fraud_merchant_blacklistProcessor fraud decline, merchant blacklist
120decline_gateway_testaccount_usedGateway decline, test account esed
121decline_processor_notsupportedProcessor, not supported
122decline_processor_notconfiguredProcessor, not configured
123decline_processor_configuration_errorProcessor, configuration error
124decline_update_payment_informationUpdated cardholder information available
125decline_processor_errorProcessor, error
126decline_authorization_expiredAuthorization expired
127decline_gatewayGateway decline
128decline_already_voidedVoided transaction
129decline_processor_ruleDecline at processor due to gateway/acquirer/processor-configured rule; not sent to network or issuer
130decline_merchant_ruleDecline at processor due to merchant-configured rule; not sent to network or issuer
131approved_with_holdTransaction was approved, but put in manual review
132cancelled_card_removedShopper's card was removed from the terminal before the transaction finished
133crash_recoveryTerminal stopped responding for an unknown reason, causing the transaction to fail
134aborted_contactless_fallbackThe shopper abandoned the transaction after they attempted a contactless payment
135cancelled_shopper_cancelledShopper cancelled the transaction before it finished
136cancelled_no_cardShopper didn't present a card, so the transaction was cancelled
137timeout_PIN_entryTransaction timed out; shopper should retry or use an alternate payment method
138timeout_while_printing_receiptTimeout during printing the receipt
139cancelled_while_printingTransaction was cancelled while printing
140pos_unmappedUnmapped error occurred; shopper should retry or use an alternate payment method
141error_emvAn error occurred while reading the EMV chip; shopper should retry or use an alternate payment method
142no_completion_messageNo completion message received
143no_responseUnable to get response by calling the 'lookup' met
144decline_onlineCard declined online result
145no_acquirer_accountCouldn't find an acquirer account or not specified
146error_not_supported_country_and_mccPayment details are not supported for this country/MCC combination
147capture_failedCapture failed
148pendingTransaction pending
149address_verification_failedPayPal was unable to verify that the transaction qualifies for Seller Protection because the address was improperly formatted
150bank_account_restrictedThe bank account has restrictions on either the type or number of payouts allowed; this normally indicates that the bank account is a savings or other non-checking account
151account_closedThe bank account has been closed
152account_frozenThe bank account has been frozen
153bank_ownership_changedThe destination bank account is no longer valid because its branch has changed ownership
154could_not_processThe bank could not process this payout
155debit_not_authorizedDebit transactions are not approved on the bank account (Stripe requires bank accounts to be set up for both credit and debit payouts)
156undeliverable_payoutsUndeliverable payouts
157merchant_cancelledMerchant cancelled
158timeoutTransaction timeout
159error_required_field_not_providedAPI error; required field is not provided
160error_missing_payment_detailsAPI/Integration error; missing payment details
161no_network_tokenNo network token available
162error_cvcCVC input error
163error_incorrect_formatMessage format is incorrect
164requires_action_from_customerRequires action or confirmation to complete
165address_and_cvv_verification_failedAddress and CVV verification failed
166authorization_not_foundAuthorization not found
167amount_mismatchTransaction amount doesn't match the original authorization amount
168invalid_payment_typeIssuer rejected the payment type
169authentication_not_supported_by_merchantThe merchant isn't set up for 3D Secure transactions
170required_details_not_providedRequired details aren't provided
171do_not_retryDo not retry the transaction
172retry_laterRetry the transaction at a later time
173revocation_of_authorizationCard was declined for an unknown reason
174refused_due_to_policy_reasonThe transaction is refused due to a policy reason
175authentication_error3D Secure error
176subscription_not_foundUnable to locate subscription