Parrot API Overview

The Parrot by Pagos BIN service is a very simple REST API that expects to receive—as input—a 6-10 digit BIN/IIN and whether the enhanced data should be included, and returns a simple JSON object back containing known details for the BIN.


Parrot doesn’t have a separate testing environment, but we do provide the ability to test a request and response by submitting a request with a valid API key; to do so, use the BIN: 999999.

For example:

curl -H "x-api-key:[your API key here]" ""



Requests for information on this BIN (999999) won't count towards your quota or be billed.

Error Handling

Any Pagos service errors will be presented in the following way:

{"message":[ERROR MESSAGE]}

Here are the possible values of the ERROR MESSAGE text:

Too many requests. Please try again later.The number of API calls has exceeded our default limits.
Trial for this account has ended. Please contact [email protected].Your trial period has expired. Contact our Support team for continued access.
Batch API access is not allowed. Please contact [email protected]Your account has not been enabled for the Parrot Batch product. Contact our Support team for access.
This account is suspended. Please contact [email protected]Your account is suspended. Contact our Support team for more details.
This API key is invalid.Our system can't validate the provided API key.
API requires an API key in ‘x-api-key’ header.You must pass your API key in the x-api-key header. See Getting Started with Parrot for more details.
Card BIN/IIN not found. Please contact [email protected]We can't find the requested BIN/IIN. This is an indicator that the BIN isn't in our most recent BIN data and is likely no longer in use. Parrot BIN data is updated weekly.

Parrot API Limits

The following are the API limits for Parrot API calls:

Parrot APIAPI EndpointAPI Limit
Single BIN Lookup<>100 calls every 10 seconds
Multiple BIN Lookup (50 BINs per API call)<>6 calls every 10 seconds

Parrot IP Addresses

The following static IP addresses can be used to allowlist API traffic to Parrot: