Plans and Billing

If you're an Admin user in your Pagos organization, you can view and manage your Pagos subscriptions, invoices, and payment methods on file. To do so:

  1. Click your profile icon in the navigation bar, then click Manage Account.
  2. Click the Plans & Billing tab.


The Subscriptions page provides an overview of the Pagos products you've subscribed to, including the subscription plan, status, and data usage. If you're currently on a trial plan, it also includes the date your trial ends; to upgrade to a paid subscription, click Upgrade and fill out the Contact Us form.

Under Primary Payment Method, view the main payment method saved on file for your Pagos account. To make changes, click Modify; this will take you directly to the Payment Methods page.

Under Invoice History, your 10 latest invoices appear listed in order, starting with the most recently paid invoice. Click View All to navigate to the Invoices page.


The Invoices page contains a scrolling table of all your Pagos invoices. Each row of the table represents a unique invoice, identified by its invoice number, total, status, and payment day. Click ... to Preview an invoice or Download a PDF version.

Payment Methods

In the Payment Methods page, you can manage the payment methods saved on file for your Pagos account.

To add a new payment method to your account:

  1. Click + Add new credit/debit card.
  2. Enter your Card Info and Billing Address.
  3. Click Add Card

The first payment method you save to your account automatically becomes the Primary payment method. To change which payment method is primary, hover over the desired payment method and click Set as primary.

To edit or delete a payment method, hover over it to reveal these options.