Parrot Service Panel

The Parrot Service Panel is a user interface for the Parrot by Pagos BIN service within the Pagos platform. You can use this service panel to monitor your API requests, manage and change your account configuration, and access your billing details.

Navigating the Parrot Service Panel

To access the Parrot Service Panel:

  1. Log into your Pagos account.
  2. Click the application menu icon in the navigation bar, then click Parrot.

The Overview page includes two graphs, designed to give you quick insight into the types of requests you've made to the Parrot API (regular or enhanced) and the latency of those requests. By default, these graphs display data by day from the last seven days. To view historical data by week or month, click the Period drop-down in the top-right corner of the dashboard.

Use the links in the navigation bar to navigate around your account: