Getting Started With Puffin


For any business processing payments online or in store, it’s nearly impossible to acquire a single, accessible, clean source of payment data without a lot of manual work—especially if you transact through multiple payment service providers. That being said, such data isn’t optional; you need aggregate data to successfully build out custom workflows, support your data teams, support adjacent business analyses, and facilitate business development with third parties.

Puffin by Pagos provides users with a single source of truth for all payment and payment related data. Using our no-code data connections or data ingestion services, you can import all your payments data from multiple processors or data connections and we’ll take care of cleaning and aggregating it on your behalf. You can then download reports of these aggregated metrics and payment events at will or on a custom schedule. This can help analysts, data engineering teams, and business teams integrate payment and commerce data into their workflows.

Accessing Puffin Through Peacock

At this time, we’ve integrated Puffin’s functionality into the Reports and Transaction-Level Data download features in Peacock. For more information about Puffin, contact your Pagos account manager.