Getting Started With Peacock

Payments data visualization


Peacock by Pagos is a payments data aggregation and visualization platform that provides you with the self-service business intelligence you need to track the health of your payments ecosystem. Using our no-code or low-code integrations, you can pull in real-time and historical data from each of your payment processors directly into Peacock. Within minutes, you'll have access to a dashboard of visuals breaking down all of your transactions, declines, chargebacks, orders, and more by an array of variables from countries and currencies to card types and brands.

We believe the ability to look at your payment data quickly and at the right level of detail for your business is vital to long term success and profitability. The less time you have to spend organizing, normalizing, and even collecting data to become aware of what’s happening, the quicker you can adjust your technology, business, and operations accordingly—and the quicker you can optimize and maximize your customer relationships.

Sign Up for Peacock

Contact us to request access to Peacock by Pagos.

Connect Your Payment Processor

Peacock sits on top of our comprehensive data and intelligence platform. The first step of unlocking insights in your own payments data is to connect your current payment processor to our platform so we can see your transaction and order data. We have specific guides to help you connect your payment processor to Pagos; you'll find links to these guides in our Connecting Your Payment Processors to Pagos guide.

While you are in control of how much data you send us, we recommend sending at least 3 months so we can correctly show a full context of what is happening on any given day.

Explore the Peacock Service Panel

After you sign up for Peacock and set up your account, you'll gain access to the Peacock Service Panel. This is where you'll connect your payment processors and access dashboards of payments data visualizations. Learn more in Peacock Service Panel.

If you have any questions while navigating Peacock, ask Pagos Copilot! Powered by AI, Pagos Copilot appears as a chat interface at the top of your Peacock Service Panel and can help you with all your payments data needs. Ask basic questions about the payments industry or the Pagos suite of products, and even request summaries or custom graphs of your own payments data!