Getting Started with Parrot Batch


Parrot Batch is a file-based product that allows for bulk BIN requests and information retrieval. You can use Parrot Batch to efficiently retrieve BIN bank and market details via a file you add into your local database—thereby integrating BIN data with any bank or customer analysis you conduct. Parrot Batch is an in-house alternative to requesting directly from our database via the Parrot API.

How Parrot Batch Works

  1. You'll request a copy of the BIN database for use in your local environment.
  2. We'll return a file with bank and market information for every BIN.
  3. Retrieve bulk BIN data and add this file to your database. Now you have a local copy of the most up-to-date BIN information.
  4. Repeat the process as often as you need new BIN data.

We update our BIN data weekly and will notify you of changes to the database based on the version you have.


Keep in mind

BIN data isn’t stagnant. To conduct the most reliable analysis on transaction failures, real time transaction logic, and workflow management, update your BIN data at least once every two weeks.

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