Getting Started with Canary

Payments data monitoring


Canary by Pagos is our data anomaly detection service, designed to consolidate payments data from multiple platforms into a single dashboard and alert you when key metrics change in unexpected ways. Like Peacock by Pagos, Canary is built on our data aggregation and normalization platform and requires no expertise to get started. Simply plug in Canary and immediately begin monitoring payment channels, detecting patterns of consumer behavior, and predicting opportunities for business growth. You can even set up notifications to alert you hourly or daily when key metrics cross customized threshold values or change in a way that's inconsistent with your past data. From there you can quickly take action—whether that is changing your configurations, updating your UI, or tuning your integrations to downstream providers.

Canary by Pagos makes monitoring and tracking your payments performance easier than ever before. To get started, connect your payment systems to Pagos and we'll automatically start monitoring your approval rate and volume for changes across many different features: card types, locations, networks and beyond. You don’t need to do anything to get started once connected.

Connect your Payment Processor or Send Data to Pagos



If you are already a Peacock customer, you can skip this step.

Canary is our monitoring and intelligence service that sits on top of our comprehensive data platform. The first step of unlocking the insights in your own payments data is to connect your current payment processor to our platform so that we can see your transaction and order data. We have specific guides to help you with the details of connecting your payment processor:

If you want to be in full control of the data you send, you can use the Data Ingestion API to import data from your payment processors to Pagos' database. If you use one of our built-in processor mappings we can normalize the data for you, or you can use our response codes to correctly represent and capture the details of your transactions.

While you are in control of how much data you send us, we recommend sending at least 3 months so we can correctly show a full context of what is happening on any given day.

Enable and Track

Canary breaks your payment data down automatically into a set of metrics—things like approval rate, volume, and average order value. These metrics are then evaluated by both the Pagos expert models for change detection and your own user configurable triggers. When Canary detects a change, it will generate an event describing what was detected and what trigger was tripped. Events show up in the Canary Service Panel by default, but you can also control how you're notified of each event by changing the trigger alerts.

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