Data Management

The Data section of your Peacock Service Panel provides you with added context regarding the payments data you import into Pagos. It contains the following pages:

Data Import Logs

The Data Import Logs page displays the status of our data pulls from your payment processors, including when the data import occurred and what time period we imported data for.

Filtering Data Import Logs

You can use the following filters at the top of the Data Import Logs page to refine your list of data pulls:

  • Imported on - Set a date range for when the data import occurred
  • Imported period - Set a date range for the data pulled into Peacock by the import
  • Processor- View data imports only for the selected payment service provider (PSPs)
  • Status - View only data imports with the selected status (e.g. Success, Pending, or Failed)

Failed Data Imports

Click Retry on a failed data import to retry the data pull.

Know Your Data

Under Know Your Data in the Data section of your Peacock Service Panel, you'll find pages named for specific data filters. Each page includes a table that breaks down your payments data by the parameters of the named data filter. For example, the Soft Descriptors page identifies the top 50 soft descriptors in your payments data; it then presents the total transaction count, total transaction value, and average approval, decline, chargeback, and refund rates of transactions tagged with those soft descriptors. You can then use this information to identify the best soft descriptors to filter your standard and custom dashboards by when exploring trends in your transaction data.

At this time, Know Your Data contains the following pages:

  • Soft Descriptors
  • Metadata - Select a metadata filter from the dropdown menu to populate the table with payments data broken down by the corresponding metadata values
  • BIN List - Select a count for the number of individual BINs you want to view your payments data broken down by

You can sort these tables by each of their columns (in ascending or descending order), period, and by payment processor.