The Pagos platform uses API keys to authenticate requests to all our services. You can view and manage your API keys for each Pagos service you've subscribed to from the individual birds' service panels.


Do Not Share API Keys

Your API keys allow requests to be made on your account, so always keep them secure! Do not share your secret API keys in publicly accessible areas such as GitHub or in client-side code.

Generating API Keys

API keys are the way that you authenticate all your requests to Pagos' services. You can generate an unlimited number of API keys within each bird's service panel to use in your systems, for any use cases you may have. This can be helpful for tracking usage by different parts of your system or users in your company.


Billing Note:

All API keys are subject to the pricing and limits of your chosen subscription plan and will be invoiced in aggregate.

To generate an API key for one of your Pagos services:

  1. Log into your Pagos account.
  1. Click Developers in the navigation bar.
  2. Click Create API key to add a new key to your account.

After a few seconds, a new API key appears in your list of keys. It’s usable immediately and you can add it to your client side integrations or back-end systems.

Deleting API Keys

Once generated, API keys cannot be changed. However, if you've a key that you previously used for a system that is no longer live or for a user in your company that has since left, you can delete it.



Once a key is removed, it can't be regenerated.

To delete an API key from the API Keys page,

  1. Locate the API key you want to delete.
  2. Click ... on the far-right of the row.
  3. Click Delete Key.