Peacock Changelog (July 27, 2022)

As of July 27, 2022, we released the following updates to the Peacock by Pagos service panel:


  • We've added a new report to the Reports page in your Peacock service panel: the 3DS report. This new report is currently in Beta, so expect to see regular changes made to the charts contained within.
  • We've renamed the Network report to Payment Method report. With this change, the report now contains data for all payment methods, including the individual card brands (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.), PayPal, and digital payment services like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Pay.

Data Filters

  • All Peacock dashboards and reports now include a new filter option called Payment Method Type. You can use this filter to view only the data for transactions made with the selected payment method(s). At this point, you can choose between the following options:
    • card
    • apple_pay
    • android_pay
    • google_pay
  • We've updated the Transaction Size filter option to filter for transactions processed all currencies. You'll set the filter in USD, but the resulting data includes transactions made in any currency whose value, when converted, meets the filter parameters in USD.
  • The Transaction Response Code filter option now allows you to filter for any issuer response code (e.g. do_not_honor, expired_card, decline_gateway, etc.)
  • The Processor filter now supports filtering for Chase and PayPal connections

Other Changes

  • The Top Issuing Banks table within the Issuing Country report now includes a column for Transaction count (and % of issuers shown).
  • We fixed a bug that impacted timezone settings in your Peacock service panel. Now, the dates you set in Period or Compare to filters match the time zone set in your Account Details