Peacock Changelog (January 20, 2023)

We have designed two new dashboards: Card Brand and Issuing Country. Card Brand Dashboard includes the following charts:

  • Card Brand Transactions
  • Card Brand Approvals
  • Card Brand Decline Codes

These charts display a streamlined flow of data, resembling a transaction sequence: from transaction, to approvals, to declines.

The Issuing Country dashboard currently displays Issuing Country Transactions (both with Count and Value), and in the next release will include:

  • Issuing Country Approvals
  • Decline Codes by Issuing Countries
  • Issuing Country by Processor

Plus, we have updated and added some new charts to the Refunds dashboard, all of them with their corresponding sub-charts. These include:

  • Aggregated Refunds
  • Refunds by Processor
  • Refunds by Currency
  • Refund Status
  • Refunds Reason Codes