Peacock Changelog (August 16, 2023)

As of August 16, 2023, we updated the filtering functionality on custom dashboards to prioritize chart-level filters over dashboard-level filters. If you filter an individual chart in a custom dashboard by applying a View to that chart and you apply a filter to the entire dashboard, the chart-level filter takes precedence over the dashboard-level filter. In other words, if a chart's filter settings conflict with the dashboard's filter settings, the chart's settings win out.

In the following workflow, we demonstrate how this looks in a custom dashboard where we filtered an individual chart to only show credit card data, but filtered the entire dashboard to show debit card data. As you can see, the individual chart isn't impacted by the dashboard-level filter and continues to show credit card data—even while the rest of the dashboard is filtered for debit card transactions.

Click Read More at the top of the workflow window to expand additional context on each step in the process.



The screenshots in this post represent the state of the Peacock Service Panel as of August 16, 2023.