Peacock Changelog (April 17, 2023)

As of April 17, 2023, we've released the following changes to the Peacock Service Panel:

  • There’s a new page in the Know Your Data section of Data Management: BIN Lists. Use the Count filter to select the number of BINs you want to see data for; the table then populates with all of your transaction data, broken down by BIN.
  • We renamed the Currency dashboard! It’s now called the Presentment Currency dashboard
  • We’ve updated the names of the sub-charts under the following charts (the data in these charts remains the same):
  • You can now collapse/expand the left navigation menu in the Custom Dashboards and Data Management sections of your Peacock Service Panel.
  • Use the columns slider to choose how charts appear in each your standard and custom dashboards (in one, two, or three columns); the less columns chosen, the larger your charts appear.
  • If you’ve connected your Pagos account to an Adyen account, you can now edit the Username and Password fields in the Data Sources tab.