Parrot Changelog (August 7, 2023)

On August 7, 2023, we released the following changes to Parrot:

  • We added a new enhanced data field to the Parrot API v3 and Parrot Batch v3: issuer_supports_tokenization. For a given BIN, this new field indicates if the issuer of that BIN supports network tokenization, and therefore confirms if the BIN is eligible for tokenization. This enhanced data field can return a value of “true” or “null” for any given BIN:
    • “true” indicates Parrot has direct information from the card brands that the issuer supports network tokenization.
    • “null” indicates Parrot has not received any information from the card brands about the issuer's ability to support tokenization.
  • Parrot has implemented static IP addresses for the purpose of allowlisting Parrot traffic. If you're subscribed to Parrot or Parrot Batch, use the following static IP addresses to allowlist API traffic from Parrot:
  • We’ve increased the Parrot v3 API limits for both single BIN lookup and multiple BIN lookup:
    • Single BIN Lookup API Limit: 100 calls every 10 seconds
    • Multiple BINs Lookup API Limit: 6 calls every 10 seconds