Canary Changelog (May 2, 2023)

We've recently released the following changes to Canary by Pagos:

  • We removed the Alerts page from the navigation bar. Now, you can create and manage alerts from the Trigger Configuration panel. Learn more in our Alerts guide.
  • When configuring a trigger, you now must set a trigger owner. The owner is the user in your Pagos workspace to which the trigger is assigned.
  • We redesigned the Home page of the Canary Service Panel! We removed the Peacock data visualizations and added an overview of new metrics and other features, including:
    • Triggers Created
    • Active Triggers
    • Most Active Trigger
    • Least Active Trigger
    • Events Detected chart
  • We added a new Summaries page, to better connect together triggers and events, without manual work. Learn all about summaries in the new Summaries guide.