Canary Changelog (December 12, 2023)

As of December 12, 2023, we’ve released the following changes to Canary by Pagos:

  • You can now add up to four filters when building a trigger in Canary. Remember, when you add filters to a trigger, you tell Canary exactly which data streams you want to monitor for data anomalies. For example, imagine you create a trigger that alerts you when approval rate drops below 90% and you apply the following filters:

Card Brand: Visa, Mastercard

Card Type: Credit

Currency: USD

With these filters, your trigger will monitor the approval rate for two data streams, alerting you when either one has an approval rate below 90%:

Transactions made in USD on Visa credit cards

Transactions made in USD on Mastercard credit cards

  • Given this change, we’ve also added a new restriction to Canary triggers: a single trigger can monitor up to 100 data streams. If your chosen filter parameters result in >100 data streams for that trigger to monitor, you’ll receive an error message instructing you to simplify your filter configuration.
  • If you import your payments data into Pagos via a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), you may notice a new limitation when configuring triggers. Specifically, if you choose day for the Aggregation Period, you can’t select a specific time in the Evaluation Time field. This is due to the fact that your data is imported once a day, when it becomes available. As such, Canary will dynamically set the evaluation time for you.