Connect to PayPal Legacy

This guide outlines the necessary steps to connect your Pagos and PayPal Legacy accounts. For more information on connecting Pagos to other payment processors, see our Connecting Your Payment Processors to Pagos guide.

After you successfully connect your accounts, we’ll import your payments data from PayPal into Pagos once a day. We can also import historical payments data upon request; reach out to your Pagos account team for more information.

Connecting PayPal and Pagos

To connect your PayPal Legacy account to Pagos, first set up a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) location in your PayPal account. See PayPal’s Developer Documentation for full instructions. In some instances, it might be helpful to work with your PayPal relationship manager on this step.

Once you establish the SFTP location, send the following files to that location on a daily basis: