Peacock Changelog (May 13, 2024)

As of May 13, 2024, we’ve released the following changes to the Peacock Service Panel:

Puffin Data Downloads

Charts within the Chargebacks and Refunds dashboards now include the option for downloading the transaction-level data demonstrated in the chart itself. To download this data, click the ... in the top-right corner of the chart, then click Transaction-Level Data. Keep in mind:

  • This option is only available to users who are subscribed to Puffin and each report download is subject to your Puffin pricing agreement
  • Downloaded charts will appear in your Reports page within the hour

Trend Line

We’ve added a trend line toggle to some of the sub-charts under the Decline Code Transactions and Processor Approvals charts. Click the toggle to add a trend line for a single value in the chart’s legend (e.g. decline code), over the selected date range. Click a value in the legend to see only the data for that value, along with the associated trend line.