Canary Changelog (March 22, 2024)

As of March 22, 2024, we released the following changes to Canary:

  • Updated the way we calculate Relative Percentile triggers. This threshold type now looks at the middle 90% of your data (it previously looked at the middle 70%) to determine outliers above or below your historical norm for a particular metric. Learn more about how Relative Threshold triggers work in our Triggers guide.
  • As we prepare for more sophisticated threshold models, we removed the Relative threshold type from the trigger configuration panel. After working with payments data over the last few quarters, we realized that having two similar approaches for evaluating triggers (both Relative and Relative Percentile) is more confusing than useful. The Relative Percentile approach is both easier to comprehend (good if you are explaining to colleagues) and able to cover the same scenarios as our original Relative approach.
    • Note: If you had previously configured a Relative trigger, we’ve converted it seamlessly to a Relative Threshold trigger.