Loon API Overview


Coming Soon

Loon is in development and coming soon. Contact us if you’re interested in this product!

About 30% of the issued cards globally are re-issued every year due to account closures, cards reported lost or stolen, expiration date changes, product upgrades, and fraud. Each time a customer replaces their card, you’re left with outdated stored card information in your vault. This can lead to checkout friction, declined transactions, and ultimately, customer churn.
Loon is an account lifecycle management service for card-on-file (COF) account information.

Through a single API integration, you can securely update your customers’ payment card account information in a timely and efficient manner. At this time, Loon specifically provides you with access to Visa's VAU (Visa Account Updater) and MasterCard's ABU (Automatic Billing Updater) tools for updating stored card details.

Loon API Requests

You can make five requests of the Loon API:

  1. Register - Send card data to be stored with Loon
  2. Update - Manually select and submit cards you want to receive updated details for; Loon will then send a network request to Visa and Mastercard, who will respond with updated card information
  3. Status - Request to know the current status of a specific update request; Loon will respond with a status of unknown, pending, complete, error, or expired
  4. Callback - Returns the network responses from the Update call
  5. Delete - Delete any stored records from Loon