Fee Type Subcategory Codes

Fee Subcategory CodeShort CodeDescription
1interchangeInterchange fees charged by card issuers
2networkNetwork fees charged by card brands (e.g. Visa, Klarna, Amex)
3value_added_servicesValue added service fees such as CVC and address verification
4penaltiesPenalties assessed by the card brands
5authentication_fees3D Secure authentication request fee
6echeckeCheck fees
7fraud_serviceFraud service fees
8card_processingProcessing fees related to cards
9achFees related to ACH
10paypal_activitiesFees associated with non-transactional PayPal events, such as transfers, holds, and currency conversions
11taxFees related to taxes
12money_transferMoney transfer fees
13processor_service_feesMiscellaneous processor-assessed service fees not directly tied to card transactions (e.g. terminal fees)
14account_updaterFees for using services like Account Updater
15adjustmentFee adjustments, including rebates and corrections
16interchange_downgradesInterchange downgrades
17incentivesIncentive fees
18reversalReversal fees
19disputeDispute and chargebacks fees
20refundRefund fees
21network_tokenNetwork tokenization fees
22informational_dataInformational data point
23paypalFees associated with PayPal transaction events
24processor_penaltiesPenalties charged by processors
25dispute_interchangeInterchange dispute
26refund_interchangeInterchange refund
27unreadable_valuePagos received a value from the processor we can't interpret (e.g. test1234, dflgoiwyz)
28no_value_providedPagos did not receive a value from the processor
29fx_exchangeForeign currency exchange
30pass_through_feesInterchange and assessment fees