Chargeback Status Codes

Chargeback Status Code (Integer)Short CodeDescriptionChargeback Status Category
400dispute_openThe chargeback, retrieval, or pre-arb has been issued and no action has been taken yetCHARGEBACK_OPEN_NEEDS RESPONSE
401dispute_acceptedYou have opted out of providing evidence for the chargeback or pre-arbCHARGEBACK_LOST_ACCEPTED
402dispute_evidence_sentEvidence has been provided and is under considerationCHARGEBACK_PENDING_EVIDENCE_SENT
403dispute_expiredThe reply-by date to submit evidence has passed and you have forfeited their right to respond to the case; this includes disputes that were accepted on your behalf because no response was submittedCHARGEBACK_LOST_ACCEPTED
404dispute_wonThe bank evaluated the dispute and ruled in your favorCHARGEBACK_WON_DEFENDED
405dispute_lostThe bank evaluated the dispute and ruled in the customer’s favorCHARGEBACK_LOST_ACCEPTED
406dispute_charge_refundedThe disputed charge has been refundedCHARGEBACK_WON_DEFENDED
407rfi_openRequest for information; the customer does not recognize the charge, so the issuer requests more information about itRFI
408rfi_evidence_sentYou responded to the RFI and submitted the evidenceRFI
409rfi_closedThe RFI process is completedRFI
410notification_of_fraudNotification of fraud activity; this is not a chargebackNOTIFICATION_OF_FRAUD
411notification_of_chargeback_openNotification that the issuer has initiated a chargebackCHARGEBACK_OPEN_NEEDS RESPONSE
412notification_of_chargeback_undefendedNotification that the issuer has initiated a chargeback; the chargeback is undefendedCHARGEBACK_OPEN_NEEDS RESPONSE
413rfi_evidence_sentYou responded to the RFI and submitted evidenceRFI
4142nd_cb_lostSecond chargeback and the bank ruled in the customer's favorCHARGEBACK_LOST_ACCEPTED
415case_closedCase closedCASE_CLOSED
416eligible_for_appealYou are eligible to appealELIGIBLE_FOR_APPEAL
417waiting_for_responseEvidence has been provided and is under considerationCHARGEBACK_PENDING_EVIDENCE_SENT
418dispute_reversalThe bank reversed the disputeCHARGEBACK_WON_DEFENDED
419dispute_won_partialYou won a portion of the disputed chargeCHARGEBACK_WON_PARTIAL
420unknown_status_chargebackExternallyChargeback externallyCHARGEBACK_EXTERNALLY_NO_STATUS
421pre-arbitration_requestedPre-arbitration requested or in pending stagePRE-ARBITRATION
422pre_arbitration_wonPre-arbitration accepted by the issuerPRE-ARBITRATION
423pre_arbitration_lostPre-arbitration denied by the issuerPRE-ARBITRATION