Parrot Batch Overview


Parrot Batch is a file-based product that allows for bulk BIN requests and information retrieval. You can use Parrot Batch to efficiently retrieve BIN bank and market details via a file you add into your local database—thereby integrating BIN data with any bank or customer analysis you conduct. Parrot Batch is an in-house alternative to requesting directly from our database via the Parrot API.

This guide outlines the Parrot Batch process of retrieving BIN data for your own local database using Parrot Batch.

How it works

  1. Parrot Batch will create a weekly “snapshot” of our BIN database. This snapshot is comprised of the latest BIN file data and includes all BIN updates.
  2. Parrot Batch will pre-load the weekly database file for you.
  3. You will call the /batch/files API to fetch a link to the pre-generated weekly Batch file—including one file for standard BIN data and one file for standard and enhanced BIN data—for download. Within minutes, you'll have a brand new Batch file.

Parrot will generate a new batch file every week so you can come back and get a new file as often as you’d like.



Parrot Batch generates a new weekly file every Tuesday at 12:00 UTC.

File Changes

When call the /batch/files API, the response will include a changes object, outlining stats on how much the Batch file changed since the previous week. These changes include bins_removed, bins_updated, and bins_added, which provide the number of BIN ranges (rows in the file) that were removed, updated, or added by the card brands Parrot includes data for. For each card brand, we'll also state what percentage of that brand's BIN ranges changed (removed, updated, or added).

Parrot IP Addresses

The following static IP addresses can be used to allowlist API traffic from Parrot: