CVV Check Response Codes

CVV Response (Integer)Short CodeDescription
300cvv_matches_mThe CVV provided matches the information on file with the cardholder's bank
301cvv_no_match_nThe CVV provided doesn't match the information on file with the cardholder's bank
302cvv_not_verified_uThe card-issuing bank received the CVV but didn't verify whether it was correct; this typically happens if the processor declines an authorization before the bank evaluates the CVV
303cvv_not_provided_iNo CVV was provided
304cvv_no_issuer_support_sThe CVV was provided but the card-issuing bank doesn't participate in card verification
305cvv_na_aThe CVV was provided but this type of transaction doesn't support card verification
306cvv_skipped_bCVV checks were skipped for this transaction
307cvv_result_unavailableCVV results are unknown