Peacock Changelog (June 2, 2022)

As of June 2, 2022, we released the following updates to the Peacock by Pagos service panel:

  • Saved Filters Application: When you apply a saved filter to a dashboard or report, that saved filter remains in place when you navigate to a different dashboard or report, or if you leave and reopen your Peacock service panel.
  • Changing the Saved Filter: If you apply a saved filter to an entire dashboard or report, you can click the filter's name to open your saved filters drop-down menu and select a different saved filter; hover over any saved filter's name in the drop-down menu to see the associated filter settings. The same is true for saved filters applied to individual charts.
  • Volume Percentage: In dashboard charts that show volume, hover over a variable to view the total count, along with (new) the percentage of total volume.
  • Dashboard Colors: All dashboard charts now include an updated color palette.
  • Drag and Drop Charts: You can now drag and drop charts when building out a custom dashboard to quickly arrange/rearrange them.