Stored Credential Response Codes

Response Code (Integer)Short CodeDescription
920one-timeA transaction where the merchant doesn’t store the customer’s payment information on file
921card-on-file-vaultA transaction initiated by a customer using stored card credentials they previously saved in your vault
922card-on-file-repeatA dynamic, standing instruction—agreed upon between the merchant and cardholder—to charge a customer's card for a set amount whenever their account balance drops below a certain dollar amount
923recurringA transaction in a series of transactions made on a fixed, regular interval, as agreed upon by the merchant and cardholder (e.g. subscription payments)
924installmentA single purchase of goods or services that is billed in payment installments, as agreed upon by the merchant and cardholder (e.g. Buy Now Pay Later)
9999unknownA value automatically assigned to any transactions the processor didn’t provide Stored Credential data for
925recurring-firstThe first transaction in a recurring series; used to help merchants identify new customers
926motoA transaction initiated via a mail or telephone order
927posA transaction conducted using a point of sale
928card-on-fileA transaction completed using crednetials stored in the merchant's vault