Peacock Changelog (June 11, 2024)

As of June 11, 2024, we’ve released the following changes to the Peacock Service Panel:

Know Your Data: BINs

We’ve added a new filter to the BINs table in the Know Your Data section of Peacock: Card Brand. Use this filter to search for only those BINs associated with specific card networks.

Chart Functionality

We’ve made the following functionality changes to all charts within Peacock:

  • Click the Expand icon in the top-right corner of a chart in any dashboard to make it fit the page. Note that when you expand a chart, the URL changes; navigating to this URL again in the future will open the specific chart in an expanded view.
  • The main number in the top-left corner of any bar chart is now dynamic. When you click a single bar, that value will change to match the total for the selected bar.