Parrot Changelog (May 15, 2024)

As of May 15, 2024, we’ve released the following changes to Parrot:

  • We added two new fields to the Enhanced Data available via the Parrot API and Parrot Batch:
    • virtual_card - This boolean field indicates if the given BIN range supports virtual card creation. The field is nullable; a null response indicates we do not know if there is support for virtual cards.
    • funding_source- This string field indicates the funding source for a payment card, which is different from the type. Potential values include credit, debit, prepaid, charge card, and deferred debit. At this time, this field only displays the funding source for Visa and Mastercard; all other brands will have null in this field
  • We added a new field to the Parrot Batch file only: card_number_length. This nullable string field indicates the length of a payment card’s underlying PAN.
  • We extended the BIN ranges we source for UnionPay cards to include those issued in the Visa network. These new ranges appear in both Parrot Batch and the Parrot API.
  • The type field in the standard data fields for both Parrot API and Parrot Batch now allows for a null value. This change specifically supports UnionPay cards in the Discover range for which the type field can be null.