Loon Changelog (November 30, 2023)

As of November 30, 2023, we've released the following changes to Loon:

  • When you check the status of an inquiry and receive an Error status response, Loon will now also include a specific error code, identifying the exact issue. These error codes are as follows:
    • file_format_error
    • file_decryption_failed
    • file_validation_network_invalid
    • file_validation_month_invalid
    • file_validation_year_invalid
    • file_validation_account_number_invalid
    • file_validation_sub_merchant_invalid
    • file_validation_metadata_too_big
    • file_uniqueness_check_failed
  • When you receive a Job Failed webhook notification from Loon, it will now include a reason identifying why the job was unsuccessful. The possible values are:
    • validation_failed
    • invalid_format
    • internal_import_error
  • We've added new set of test Visa and Mastercard PANs that all pass Luhn verification checks.